Children’s Funding Institute


Co-hosted with Funding the Next Generation

Thursday, September 5th and Friday, September 6th

History Colorado Center

1200 N Broadway, Denver, CO 80203


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Revenue Options Worksheet

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Faculty List

Faculty Bios

Faculty resources

Nicole Derse: Children's Fund Sample Budget #1

Nicole Derse: Children's Fund Sample Budget #2

Margaret Brodkin: Asking the right question on ballot measures

Margaret Brodkin: Decisions to make in developing a revenue measure

Margaret Brodkin: A tool to develop the basic elements of your measure

Mark Friedman: Philanthropy Advocacy Playbook: Leveraging Your Dollars

Mark Friedman: Private Foundation Funding of Charities That Lobby guide

attendee resources

Missouri: 2016 Infographic for Missouri’s Early Childhood Tobacco Tax Proposal

Sacramento, CA: Sacramento Children’s Fund Act one-pager

St. Louis, MO: Early Childcare Education needs assessment

Juneau, AK: Best Starts Child Care/Early Learning Plan one-pager

Juneau, AK: Best Starts brochure

Juneau, AK: Best Starts presentation

Juneau, AK: Childcare in Juneau by the Numbers

Juneau, AK: Assembly Child Care Committee Final Report

Juneau, AK: Candidate questions on childcare for state races

New Orleans, LA: New Orleans mayoral candidates must commit to invest in our young children - Opinion piece

New Orleans, LA: Guest column: New Orleans' next mayor should stress child care, education, Russel Honore writes

New Orleans, LA: Letters: Child care investment would help city

New Orleans, LA: Grade-Level Reading Mayoral Forum

New Orleans, LA: N.O. City Council to push for funding of early childhood education - News article

New Orleans, LA: Joint letter of support for the expansion of quality early childhood education seats

Multnomah County, OR: Survey of successful initiatives in eight US communities

Multnomah County, OR: Description of Preschool for All Task Force

Multnomah County, OR: Preschool For All Report and press release

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