Local Children’s Cabinet Network


Children’s cabinets are convened in localities across the country as forums for increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of government efforts to improve child and youth outcomes. In this network, members will be able to learn from both experts and one another about children’s cabinets as a tool for improving both systems-level governance and population-level outcomes. Network members will have access to expert panels and roundtable discussions, peer networking opportunities, and exclusive resources, publications, and tools. One of these tools is our Children’s Cabinet Toolkit: A Roadmap for Getting Started in Your Community.

The Local Children's Cabinet Network is co-managed by the Forum for Youth Investment (as part of its work aligning children's cabinets across the local, state and federal levels), the Education Redesign Lab at Harvard Graduate School of Education (as part of its fieldwork with communities including its By All Means consortium), and the Children's Funding Project. Please note that there is no fee to join this network thanks to the Forum for Youth Investment and the Education Redesign Lab at Harvard Graduate School of Education.

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If you are interested in joining the network or have additional questions, please complete the contact form below and we will contact you with more information. For more information, contact LocalCCN@gmail.com