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Communities come to us at all levels of need and all levels of readiness to tackle strategic comprehensive financing.  Usually, our conversations start with a question, whether that's "how have other communities financed universal pre-k?" or "how do we better align our out-of-school time funding?" or "how do we make the case for new funding for workforce development?" We draw on our robust network of experts and library of examples to help communities answer these questions and build a plan for action. Every time we're introduced to a community we see it as an opportunity to learn how the strategies we've applied in other places can work on the ground in new ones.

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For the range of activities we do with communities along the FIND, ALIGN, GENERATE, ACTIVATE spectrum you may want to take a look at our menu of services.



We provide coaching and facilitating services at a range of levels, depending on what a community wants and needs. Some communities want a very 'light touch' coaching relationship, for example, 3 calls over 3 months to provide insight and answer questions about campaigns to generate new revenue, or a one-time meeting facilitation or presentation. Other communities want a much deeper level of engagement that requires on-site visits, fiscal data collection and analysis, research into local financing mechanisms, strategic planning, coalition development, voter modeling, etc. from our team. 

We've worked with communities at both ends of the spectrum and everything in-between. 

In addition to implementing strategies from FIND, ALIGN, GENERATE, and ACTIVATE we also provide a range of services that help local governments create strong coordinating structures and rally their communities around shared goals for children, youth and their families, drawing on Elizabeth Gaines' deep expertise working with state and local-level children's cabinets and policy coordinating bodies.


If you are someone with access to a network of communities with similar challenges and questions, you may find that cohort-level training is the most efficient way to move from ideas to impact. For communities looking to embark upon a similar project like fiscal mapping or creation of an infrastructure to implement a children's fund, we can provide initial trainings and presentations with follow-up coaching calls, site visits, webinars, and toolkit creation. 

Examples of our work at this level have included:

  • Co-developing a toolkit for use by cities and counties mapping federal-level funding for children and youth

  • Providing a series of trainings on early childhood financing strategies to a state's smaller, rural counties

  • Doing an intensive, two-day training on public budget literacy with advocates for opportunity youth

  • Training leaders from across the country in how to kick-off a campaign for





While less of a service and more of a labor of love, we spend a significant amount of time collecting information on what's new in child and youth financing across the country. We use this information to connect and inform folks on the ground who are working to improve the state of financing for children and youth programs and services.

You can check out how we capture and share this information in surveys, case studies, and informative webinars by signing up with our newsletter at the bottom of the page.

To get in touch with us about starting a project please reach out to Olivia Allen at olivia@childrensfundingproject.org